onnaught Oil & Gas Ltd. is a creative Canadian and international exploration, development and production company. We possess the special combination of a proven management team, experienced staff, knowledgeable board members and sophisticated shareholders that allows us to explore opportunities usually reserved for much larger industry participants. We are well capitalized and our exposure to large scale projects makes us unique among other industry players. We are pursuing an existing portfolio of high impact projects in the short and medium term while still identifying new and exciting prospects for future capture.

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In 2008 Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited requested permission to explore for oil and gas in the east Yorkshire area of England. That summer, the Department of Energy and Climate Change awarded Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited a licence to search for oil and gas north of the River Humber. This area of east Yorkshire is crossed by pipelines carrying gas from the North Sea and Europe to fuel the energy needs of the population and industry locally and beyond in England and Wales. Gas is also stored underground for the UK market at Aldbrough and near Hornsea.

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Northern Ireland

For over a decade staff of Rathlin Energy Limited has studied the geology of Northern Ireland convinced there was the potential for an indigenous energy industry based on local oil and gas. In 2008, Rathlin Energy Limited and its partner drilled an oil exploration well at Ballinlea and did indeed discover oil. Samples brought to the surface and all the geological information have been analyzed and have brought encouragement.

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Western Canada

Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd. holds various oil and gas rights in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as a 2.5 percent gross overriding royalty over lands previously owned by Connaught’s predecessor company, Connaught Energy Ltd., in southeast Saskatchewan.

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